Saturday, December 21, 2013

AHA Soufflé, anyone?

A sweet treat for your skin, indeed!

I hunted this bad boy down when I was looking for an exfoliant for my ultra-sensitive skin. And boy oh boy, does it deliver!

Let’s break down the science of it.

Alpha Hydrox AHA Soufflé 12% Glycolic is a powerful exfoliant that works to smooth and soften your skin. With regular use you will notice a youthful, firmer looking skin. It has 12% glycolic acid formulated at a pH of 4, which makes it ideal for exfoliation. The cream based formula contains peptides and green tea extracts to fight free radicals which damage the skin.

I noticed a change in the appearance of my skin with a single use. It’s just that powerful.

Well, to be honest, I did have my doubts initially. Will it hold up against my oily, sensitive skin? Will it cause break-outs? Why is such a great product priced so low, is this a hoax?

After a deep breath, I took the plunge.

The product is creamy, yet light-weight. So much so, that I slathered on a bit too much, the first time. A helpful tip here, less is more. Instead of vigorous rubbing, pat the contents gently on to your face. At first, it looks like it’s gonna take a while to soak into your skin but it absorbs surprisingly quickly. Top it up with your favorite serum and you're set.

So I kissed my boys (adorable yet extremely naughty Frenchies, think Dennis the Menace), crossed my fingers and went to bed to catch some Zzzzzzzzzz.

Next morning, my skin felt different, good different. It was hydrated, (not oily like most mornings) supple and I dare say, soft. Holey, moley of miracles! I did a little happy dance standing in front of my bathroom mirror.

I love happy endings like that.

I have been an ardent user for almost a year now and here are some great things you can expect from this soufflé:
  • It is fragrance-free so if you have sensitive skin, rejoice.
  • I get breakouts at the drop of a hat but this oil free formula has not caused me any so far. Touch wood!
  • It has helped reduce the appearance of fine lines and who doesn’t love that?
  • You will notice a more even skin tone, so ladies you can go easy on that foundation.
  • Because your skin has been thoroughly exfoliated, you can expect better results from your expensive night creams and serums.

All this, and you don’t break bank. Seriously, far more expensive creams do far less. 

So ladies, if you’re looking for something powerful yet sensitive, well, I’d love me a hunk straight out of Mills and Boons but for now, this will do just fine.

PS: Even Paula agrees :)


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