Thursday, December 5, 2013

Welcome to Blue Arc en Ciel

Hello sweethearts!  
If you have stumbled upon this blog, you are already a bestie!
For years I have struggled to follow a beauty regimen, tired and failed but never quite given up. My relentless ass just won’t quit. An Arien trait I guess! There is so much around to distract, please and wow me that keeping a rigorous beauty regimen just doesn't figure in the agenda of “important and mandatory”. But I try. And you do too. Don’t you? So here I am with some quick and easy things I do (the degree of steadfastness varies but this is my Everest and I continue to persevere).
So if this is something up your alley, read up, take it with a pinch of salt, if you will or adopt it as part of your daily routine just as I have.
Hope this helps the half-hearted attempts you make just as I do between the more exciting things life has to offer.
Bottom line.  Beauty is skin deep only. So, don’t sweat it. In the big scheme of things, carry a big heart (under those boobies), and a snazzy smile (mine perks up only after a good cuppa tea) and you’re set to conquer the world. Trust me.
Now, throw those legs up in the air (not in a sexual way!), wedge that laptop in between them and read on.

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