Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cleansing Must-Have: The Clarisonic

Do you need a Clarisonic? Yes. Every girl must own a Clarisonic. Period.

I have had mine for about 4 years now. Still as shiny as I first bought it, the robust machine still gently whirs into action, ‘300 movements per second’ cleaning the dirt and grime from my face, one pore at a time. Yes, I admit, it broke my bank at that time but it was madness! Everyone was raving about it and I had to have it. So, a few skipped meals, some heart-breaking window shopping and I made my peace with it in a few months.
Now ladies, it wasn’t a whim. I spend hours researching any and every product that I purchase. This was no different. Almost all reviews were positive, if not profusely glowing. There were a few negative comments but they didn’t faze me. These mostly dangled $10 brushes and claimed they did the exact same thing as the Clarisonic. Blashpemy!
I had to test it out. I bought one of those. Just to put that one nagging suspicion at the corner of my mind to rest. Rest assured, my purchase withstood those claims. My bank heaved a sigh of relief and I stuck my tongue out at those nasty comments.

Anyways, let me list out some of the wonderful things about Clare (Is it so bad that I named mine?)
  • It is water-proof, so I don’t need an extra step in the cleansing routine. Just pop it in with me while I shower.
  • It comes with the option of different brush heads to suit your skin type. I use the sensitive brush head. Guess what, its mild enough for daily use!
  • The beeps tell you when to move to a different part of the face. (That really helps when you’re in the shower and out of the blue! George Clooney pops into your head)
  • The black heads are gone. Poof!
  • A much more even skin tone, not an airbrushed effect per se, but definitely a marked improvement from the previously bumpy skin.
  • The Clarisonic goes deep into the pores and pulls out hidden debris. This means, lesser breakouts.
  • The pores around my nose are like craters. Ok, slight exaggeration but you get the idea. Regular use of the Clarisonic has greatly diminished the size of the pores.
  • It sloughs off the dead skin. Those expensive night creams finally get a chance to absorb into the skin & work their magic.
I use mine with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. It is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and fragrance-free. I have found the combination of the two almost like Thelma & Louise.
And if the going is good ladies, then, as Thelma said “Let’s keep going”.


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